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Server Medium Rates 250x | 250x | 150x

Dracarys is a free Ragnarok Online server completely focused on a Pre-Renewall experience (no 3rd classes). Enjoy the best era of this amazing MMORPG. Our staff is constantly working to bring on new updates and features. We have the hardware required for a fluid and lag-free game experience so you can explore the whole Midgard Kingdom. PvP rooms, amazing woes and active Battleground awaits for you. Check some of the features of our server on the table below


Server Rates Other Info
EXP Rates: 250x Episode: 14.1 Pre-Renewall
Quest Exp Rates: 250x Max Level: 99/70
Drop Rates: 150x Max Stats: 99
Card Drop Rates: 150x Instantcast: 150 DEX
MvP Card Drop Rates 1x Other No 3rd classes
Multiple login allowed
Gepard Shield Security

has Guildpack for your Guild. has hardware anti DDoS. has fun automated events. has especially, pure entertainment.

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